A short film about transience
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“This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.”


Transience reflects the condition of every being in the universe seen through a sensitive, intellectual or even felt experience.
Even further, what humanity can’t describe, touch or identify is also linked to the same vanishing flow.
As big can be atoms or minuscule the stars, it’s all about sequences, pace, sudden apparitions or slow decay.
Humanity seems to have a unique potential in this constant struggle between life and entropy.

Whether our aptitudes help us prevail and evolve or instead accelerates our doom we have yet to decide.
That hesitation would come to an end with self-annihilation, but an end may just be a transition, a transformation.


Structured in a pseudo-timeline, the film is visually bringing a balance of positive and negative aspects of humanity. Slow or fast paced scenes, soft nature or hard concrete environments are shown as global human experience.
Initially a personal practice to bring to life mental concepts, this movie

is achieved by two individuals, Julien Vanhoenacker as writer/director/VFX artist and Nicolas Vitte as music composer.
A great deal of computing power is needed to generate CGI images and the availability of the renderfarm of The Post Bangkok is a chance that allows this film to exist.
Creating these visual metaphors is a lengthy process spanning over many months. This allows ideas to be refined and become stronger in time, but also requires organisation, endurance and perfectionism, as well as the ability to stay focused on the initial intention.

We are happy to share this film with you.

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